Top Communities in Toronto

Top Communities in Toronto

So you are considering a move to Toronto but aren’t sure where to settle. As a *young-ish* business professional, choosing a neighborhood to move to felt so daunting. Am I going to feel safe, am I going to make friends, am I going to be stuck in gridlock traffic everyday to get to my condo? These are the never-ending questions I asked myself before finally landing on one.

Toronto is one of the greatest cities in the world and a ton of people have relocated here for so many reasons. Toronto has several neighborhoods and communities that are great for everyone whether you are looking to raise a family, move alone, or relocate for work. So lets talk about each of the major neighborhoods because I want you to avoid moving to a neighborhood that doesn’t feel like home.

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Where to live in the Six depends on your preferences and lifestyle. This section offers a brief description of the different Toronto neighbourhoods, aimed at giving you an idea as to where to live.

Pro tip: make sure you explore the neighborhood and spend time in it before deciding to commit to one. See what the neighborhood has to offer and how it makes you feel.

Let’s begin with Toronto’s West End. If you are a young business professional, this is probably where you want to be.

1. First up we have one of my favorite neighborhoods at King West- One of the busiest and most energetic parts of Toronto, King West is for those who truly want to embrace city life. If you want to live here, expect it to be in a condo, and expect to pay a bit more than the surrounding neighborhoods. What you get for your money is prime location downtown. Just about everything is convenient, and you will be spoiled for choice in terms of nightlife, restaurants, yoga studios, and gyms, with easy access to events at the Rogers Centre, the Scotiabank arena and more.

2. Liberty Village- Liberty Village is fast growing community of high-rise condos that has emerged as a little village of its own at the end of King West, mainly filled with young professionals. Liberty Village has really emerged as a popular location in recent years and amenities are growing by the minute. Its own little community with the convenience of having grocery stores, gyms & beach access. LV is super close to the Ontario Place which has summer festivals, concerts and some of the most beautiful views of the Toronto skyline. It’s very convenient to the BMO Field where Toronto FC and the Toronto Argonauts play. It is also well located for a quick commute to the downtown core.

3. Fashion District/Entertainment District - A vibrant district of downtown, this Toronto neighbourhood can be very busy, day and night. The local cafes and streets are filled during the day, while after dark the nightclubs, bars, and restaurants make sure this part of Toronto never sleeps.

4. Queens Quay/Cityplace- Overlooking Lake Ontario, this is quite a picturesque area, ideal for joggers or walking the dog. There are many condo buildings along Queen’s Quay, so it is densely populated. Getting around here is very easy as union station is nearby. 

5. The Annex- much like many other neighbourhoods in the West End of Toronto, The Annex is a hub for young professionals. Historically home to students and staff of the University of Toronto, this neighbourhood begins at the north-west boundary of what would be considered downtown. The main U of T campus is at the south east end of the neighbourhood, while The Annex itself is a combination of leafy streets with old houses, and pubs and eateries that are friendly to the student budget. It’s by no means a students-only area though — the strip on Bloor has seen a host of new businesses move in over the last few years to make this an attractive area for residents of any age group or background. With Christie Pits Park just to the west and Casa Loma to the north, The Annex still possesses plenty beyond its bars, restaurants, and book stores. It also has the benefit of being close to three subway stations on Line 2: Bathurst, Spadina, and St George

6. Yonge & Eglinton- This is the furthest North neighborhood I have mentioned but it is well located to travel quickly downtown.  Yonge & Eglinton has plenty to offer - there are lots of amenities, including the Eglinton Mall and movie theatre, while the area also boasts a wide selection of boutiques and restaurants. The Eglinton Avenue buses going east and west run very regularly, and the city is currently in the process of building the Corsstown LRT — a new light rail transit line that is expected to greatly improve east/west transit along Eglinton Avenue. The Toronto locals/commuters know that the Eglinton Crosstown work has been ongoing for about…. 10 years (yes, I said it) and it looks like there is no sight in end. So you can expect traffic headaches in the area for the next few years.

7. Kensington- A fiercely independent spirit floods through the streets of Kensington Market. It is a unique and iconic neighborhood with a bohemian feel to it and is home to all manner of thrift stores, book shops, cafes, quirky bars, and fresh food outlets. Located on the western side of Chinatown between College Street to the north and Dundas Street to the south, Kensington is easily accessible to the downtown core.

8. Little Italy- Just up the street from Kensington is Little Italy - a bit of a calmer neighborhood with some really charming streets. I’m sure you guessed by the name; it is a traditionally Italian neighborhood… which comes with some of the best places to eat in Toronto. Little Italy is also a great location to go watch the soccer World Cup or European Championships when they come around every other year. It is one of the most exciting Toronto neighbourhoods to call home and has direct streetcar access.  

Now for the East End… The East end of Toronto is more on the family-friendly side. So if you have kids or are looking to start a family, consider looking at these neighborhoods to lay down your roots:

9. Danforth-Greektown- Starting from the east side of the Don Valley Parkway, most of the Danforth as far as Victoria Park is often considered Greektown. The neighbourhood is best known for the annual Taste of the Danforth… yummmmm). The area is home to plenty of restaurants, while the bar scene is somewhat more low-key that the west end or downtown, with many locals rather than a destination for party-goers. One big advantage is that Line 2 of the TTC’s subway system runs right through the neighbourhood underneath Danforth Avenue, so transit is super convenient. The fact that Greektown border the Don Valley River Park is a huge plus for nature lovers and those who want a break from the concrete jungle. A short walk south to Riverdale Park will also give you one of the best views of Toronto’s skyline.

10. Leslieville- The ‘cool’ part of the east end. Leslieville, like West Queen West, is a haven for creative types and is filled with independent shops, bars, and restaurants to cater to all manner of niche interests. Leslieville is also a very family-friendly neighbourhood and has access to main transit lines.

11. The Village- Located at the Church & Wellesley junction, The Village is the heart of Toronto’s LGBT community. Lots of bars and nightclubs line the streets, so it is a lively place to live. The TTC is just a quick walk over to Yonge Street where you can get on the subway at either Wellesley or College station.

12. Riverdale- Riverdale is a relaxed residential part of the east end that overlaps somewhat with the western boundaries of Danforth-Greektown. It also borders East Chinatown and Leslieville so you get easy access to all those Toronto neighbourhoods have to offer as well. Riverdale is lined with Victorian and Edwardian style homes, and Riverdale Park is full of activity in the summer months with softball games, running clubs and more. For those with relaxation in mind, Riverdale Park is a great spot to sit on a grassy banks and take in the amazing views. The streetcars go north and south through Broadview Avenue to Broadview Station where you can connect to the subway.

So there you have it, the list of my favourite neighborhoods in the city! I hope you found this information useful! As a realtor specializing in the Liberty Village and Toronto real estate market, I am here to help guide you through the entire buying or selling process. Grab a copy of my FREE Toronto guide by reaching out to me on the Contact page or on my social media. Look forward to speaking with you!